Moo2Yoo is situated in the heart of All Cannings in the beautiful Pewsey Vale and is owned by Husband and Wife team Mat & Chrissie Crossman.

Mat and Chrissie manage a mixed herd of Friesian and Holstein cows at Manor Farm, who spend up to 8 months of the year out at grass. Their milk is gently pasteurised on the farm and is totally unprocessed in any other way. Delightfully fresh straight from Moo2Yoo.

Their self-service milk vending machines allow customers to buy fresh, local un-homogenised whole milk 7 days a week with easy access and on-site parking.

You can purchase a reusable glass milk bottle to fill, wash and return for more!

You will also find a delicious selection of quality British Milkshake syrups available on the Mooshakes Bar!

You can find Moo2Yoo milk in 3 locations:

All Cannings Shop – SN10 3PA

Spotty Dog Farm Shop – SN10 2LX

Nursery Farm – SN9 5PF


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