My Flock and I is proudly run by a shepherdess, who has a flock of pedigree Suffolk sheep (with just a handful of Texel crosses) and has started selling some of her own creations based on country living.

​The ethos behind My Flock and I is to create eco-friendly products with an emphasis on using wool from her own flock.

Featured in her collection, are three main products.

The first being a 100% Wool Filled Waxed Lamb Jacket designed as a life saving measure by boosting the properties of its own wool, locking in and amplifying the little body heat they are able to produce.

Next up is the Suffolk Wool Nestie – An all natural nesting material for birds which you can hang out alone or near to a feeder during nesting season (February – August).

The willow weaved ball is all natural, no plastics or metal and the birds could use some of the twigs if they break off for their nest. Fill the ball with more wool (available to buy) or if the end of the nesting season has arrived, fill it with seeds throughout the summer.

Third and finally in this current collection are an abundance of beautiful individual sheep, cow, goat, pig ( any livestock really) breeds hand lettered and decorated with foliage and forage flourishes, representing how livestock positively contribute to the soils and ecosystems they live within.

​There are many more sheep breeds available and if you would like any personalisation or a Flock / Herd name done, these are particularly popular as gifts, do get in touch as this can be created for you.

This is a lovely little venture with plans in place for the future to create more wonderful products.

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